Antec VP-450 Power Supply Review

Antec VP-450 Power Supply Review

The Antec VP-450 Power Supply is a basic PSU from an American-based manufacturer of personal computer components and tech products. It has been strictly designed to keep budget users in mind thus it cuts back on sparkling paint and flashy lights. Instead, you can expect to find the three most important things – performance,quality and amazing value.

This entry level power supply unit has everything you need to build a really powerful computer and has nothing that you don’t need. So, you will find no frills here. They don’t include a PFC circuit oran 80 Plus certification which helps in keeping the price low.

The exterior chassis of the unit sports a basic design, and the black color complements all types of systems. We like the neat and basic build of the unit.As the power supply doesn’t come with a modular you can useVelcro straps or zip ties to manage the cables.

The VP-450 unit is made by the FSP and it comes with a 120 mm sleeve bearing fan. The fan is capable of delivering noiseless and reliable cooling.

The internal components of the PSU are well laid out. As mentioned before, it comes without a PFC circuit, hence it uses a 2-transistor forward configuration method which is impressive. The switching transistors are taken care of by a PWM controller.

This PSU uses a WT7527 monitoring integrated circuit that is capable of providing protection in case of under voltage (UVP), over voltage (OVP) orover current (OCP). The chip provides two +12 V channels which are precisely matched with the +12 V rails.

When the Antec VP-450 is put through various tests to check for its maximum endurance capacity or ripple levels, we found that it performed decently even under extreme conditions. No matter how demanding your system is, the Antec VP-450 promises to match up to it. This makes the PSU a good and reliable choice for gaming enthusiasts.

The company stands behind its products, so it comes with an AQ2 Antec Quality two year limited warranty. If there are any defective parts or labor faults, you can get a replacement for your product if it is in the warranty period.

Features of Antec VP-450 Power Supply

  • Measures 5.5 x 5.9 x 3.4 inches
  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • Dual +12V rails for stability
  • Compliant with ATX 12V version 2.3
  • 20mm fan offers quiet and reliable cooling
  • Black exterior matches any system
  • Heavy-duty protection
  • 450 watts of maximum power


  • The unit is quiet and hardly audible with good ventilation
  • There are many plugs for extra hard drives or DVD recorders
  • This is a pretty solid and reliable product
  • It works right out of the box
  • It offers good value for money
  • Even though it is not an 80+ certified product, the efficiency is good
  • It can be used to improve your computer’s performance
  • It is a good option for people looking for decent performance without spending a lot


  • It comes with only one 8-pin connector
  • It lacks an 80 Plus certification
  • It doesn’t include a PFC circuit


Overall, we were impressed by the Antec VP450, which comes across as an above average budget PSU. Although power supplies that lacka PFC circuit usually fall shorter than 80% in terms of efficiency, this product surprises with efficiency level over 80%. Despite its good performance, it cannot get the 80 Plus certification because a PFC circuit is required to qualify for it.

Unlike the budget power supplies that don’t deliver what is mentioned in the labels, the VP450 provides the over/ under current protection as mentioned.

With so many budget PSUs fizzling out from the market due to less endurance capacities and bad performance, the Antec VP450 is like a breath of fresh air. However, please be warned that this product does not sport a modular design so if that is something you are looking for then the Antec VP450 will not suit your needs.

Other than that, if you want to build a decent PC that doesn’t need a lot of power, you will be happy with the performance of the Antec VP450.

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