Apevia ATX-JP1000W Jupiter 1000W ATX Gaming Power Supply Review

Apevia ATX-JP1000W Jupiter 1000W ATX Gaming Power Supply Review

The ATX-JP1000W Jupiter 1000W ATX Gaming PSU comes from the house of Apevia Corporation, a power supply, computer chassis, cooling and accessories manufacturing company founded in 1999.

The main objective of the company is to deliver products that meet the needs of a dynamic PC market with avant-garde technology and innovative features at an affordable price. Does this product live up to the company’s goal? Let’s find out.

As we take the first loot at this Apevia Jupiter series power supply, we feel it has a robust design and the build quality exudes class. The external body features a black sandblasted coated case. The blue fan LED features an attractive and eye-catching lighting that increases its face value. However, we feel it might be too bright for some users.

As this PSU boasts a 1000W capacity, it was put through various tests to ensure its endurance level and every time it delivered a good performance. It is perfectly suitable for extreme systems and sophisticated PC gaming rigs that demand a more reliable and highly efficient energy source.

The product boasts an 80 Plus Bronze certification which means it is capable of providing 85% energy efficiency which is pretty good at this price. It delivers high-power efficiency at a load between 20% and 100% to save on energy bills.

We feel the Bronze certification offers a sweet spot that enables manufacturers to keep the price low without hampering performance.

This versatile and dynamic PSU offers support for NVidia SLI and ATI CrossFire configuration. It also supports Haswell’s power saving features. It is perfectly compatible with dual and quad core CPUs. It features steadiness with 5% toleranceof 5V, 3.3V and 12V output, and as a result it meets the needs of extreme systems and high-end gaming rigs.

The quiet and thermally-regulated sensorcontrols the fan speed while ensuring a noiseless operation. TheLED fan comes with good ventilation which is capable of quickly removing heat for a cool and optimal performance.

The ATX-JP1000W is capable of delivering 1000W of maximum power for your computer. The single +12V rails give you enough support for graphics cards and multi-core CPU.

ThedecentJapan-made components and proper lay out design of this PSU ensure a stable and reliable performance in the most demanding conditions. It promises a long lifespan for the PSU to give youstress-free use.

Features of Apevia ATX-JP1000W Jupiter 1000W ATX Gaming Power Supply

  • Measures 6.2 x 5.9 x 3.4 inches
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • 80 Plus Bronze certified
  • Auto-thermally controlled fan
  • 5% tolerance of 5V, 3.3V & 12V output
  • 5cm blue LED fan
  • Over 20 4-pin main connector
  • Universal AC input
  • 4 x 4 pin peripheral connector
  • Forced air ventilation by fan
  • Supports SLI, Crossfire and Haswell


  • Works as expected and delivers good value for money
  • It is well suited for different types of builds
  • It comes with a lot of powerful connections
  • It delivers excellent 1000W power supply
  • Easy to install
  • The blue LED lights looks impressive
  • It boasts a sturdy and robust external built
  • The internal components are decent quality and well laid out
  • Delivers good performance and fan operation is almost quiet
  • Good and friendly customer support
  • Heavy-duty over voltage and under voltage protection


  • Doesn’t include all features a advertised
  • Manual lacks instructions
  • Many units are dead on arrival, so get it checked


The Apevia ATX-JP1000W Jupiter 1000W impressed us with its amazing features and a decent performance at a reasonable price. It comes with an awesome lot of features to help you build a strong and reliable PC for your gaming needs.

The thermally controlled fan offers a nearly noiseless operation so if that’s something you are looking for you will be impressed with your purchase. The efficiency level is also pretty decent for this price.

Despite the good things about the PSU, there are some drawbacks that we can’t ignore. Some of the units are dead when they arrive so if your computer doesn’t work, get the PSU checked to ensure that it has power. While we don’t completely rule out the Apevia ATX-JP1000W Jupiter 1000W, we feel it is better to spend a few extra dollars to get a more reliable product.

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