EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W Power Supply Review

EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W Power Supply Review

EVGA is arguably one of the most famous manufacturers of PC hardware in the world today. They’ve gained a broad following due to the quality of design and execution present in their products, great scores under rigorous testing, and a technical support staff which customers have the highest praise for, which is, in itself, fairly uncommon.

As part of their varied offerings, EVGA has a history of producing reliable power supplies catering to the needs of a broad market. At 500W, the EVGA 500 W1 power supply falls smack dab in the middle when output needs are concerned, and will make a fine addition to a mid-range gaming PC with a mainstream processor and graphics card.

Features of EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W Power Supply

There are much more expensive power supplies of the same wattage out there, but EVGA 500 W1, 80+ WHITE 500W Power Supply comes with an impressive array of features normally reserved for such models.

Most importantly, there’s an abundance of safety measures in place which ensure that the power supply, and by extension your entire system, won’t suffer from catastrophic failures caused by over or voltage problems or short-circuiting. As an added plus for people who like their PC components to look great as well as perform well, a heavy-duty feel is also present.

EVGA’s power supply is also the holder of an 80 PLUS white certificate, which means that it is efficient. It converts the majority of electric energy it receives from the grid in powering your system, with only one fifth of it being converted into heat.

Keeping noise levels down to a minimum is a priority for many PC users, and this power supply contributes very little to the overall noise levels inside the PC case. Its fan adjusts itself to the ambient temperature and the user’s current power requirements.

Most of the time, this makes it very quiet and barely noticeable, especially if there are many other fans installed within the system. The fan can get a little noisy when it starts to reach its maximum RPM, but this is a rare occurrence and is never sustained unless you’re doing stress-tests on it.

Even for people who have never built their own system before, installation of the power supply is straightforward and easy. Its standard is ATX, which is compatible with most modern motherboards and cases.

It arrives with all the standard cables you’d need to get your PC operational and their length is sufficient for most case formats. Owners of medium-sized ATX cases might have issues with some of them, but with proper cable management this need not be a concern.

You can expect a variety of connectors from it: there are four SATA connectors, two 6+2-pin ones for PCIE, a Molex connector, a 24-pin ATX connector for hooking it up to the motherboard, and a 4+4-pinEPS12V connector, giving you a lot of options in selecting other internal components.


  • Very well-balanced ratio of price and performance. For areasonable price, you’re getting some high-end features and the level of quality one would expect from a top tier brand
  • Consistent power output even under stress as well as efficient use of the electricitysupplied
  • Quiet everyday operation and practically silent when the PC is idle or running non-demanding applications
  • Setting it up and connecting it to the PC is smooth and accomplished quickly
  • EVGA’s renowned tech support will be happy to assist with any difficulties encountered while using the unit


  • Might not be all that suitable for overclocking. Its12-volt rail is rated at an amperage of 40 amps, which can cause the power supply to become a bottleneck and won’t allow other components to achieve the full potential an overclock brings
  • If there aren’t many other fans present in the system, it gets noticeably louder when the fan is at full capacity


EVGA’s 500w power supply strikes a perfect balance between the number of features it has, the raw power it can produce at a constant rate, and the price you’ll have to pay to take advantage of that.

If you install it into an office PC or one intended for home use by users who don’t play games a lot, its unobtrusive and long-lasting operation is a given, further supplemented by the included warranty. When stretched to its limits, the EVGA 500 W1 power supply gives no issues at all.

There’s no need to be concerned about safety features that are commonly lacking with no-name brands as EVGA has taken steps to make the  power supply as safe as it is effective, and it shows.

All but the most advanced modern systems aren’t really that power-hungry, and a good 500W power supply like this one provides both ample power for current use, and headroom to expand in the future. Couple that with the slew of features already mentioned, and you get a power supply that’s more than suitable for almost anyone.

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