EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G1 Power Supply Review

EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G1 Power Supply Review

There are two things that are absolutely essential to any good power supply – adequate wattage for the user’s needs and the ability to continuously draw the power needed to sustain even maximum load for hours on end. Without these the power supply is unreliable, and with a component such as this, a serious malfunction can have disastrous consequences for the entire system.

EVGA is no slouch when high-performing computer components are concerned. Many users know them primarily for their outstanding graphics cards which have become a staple of gaming builds from entry-level ones to beasts that easily handle 4K.

Their power supplies might not be as well known, but with products like the SuperNOVA 650 G1, this is likely to change, as it is an excellent example of a well-rounded, dependable power supply that won’t buckle under pressure.

Features of EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G1 Power Supply

Its 650W power output is a solid choice for a PC build which requires more power than your average pre-build because the custom graphics card and powerful processor inside draw on more than their fair share.

It might not be enough for the most extreme enthusiasts who plan on running the most expensive gaming cards out on the market in SLI or crossfire, or for custom-made mining rigs, which are very popular these days, but since these two make up probably less than five percent of the general user base, it will satisfy the needs of pretty much everyone, and then some.

Another one of the G1’s features is its top-notch efficiency. Certified to correspond with the 80 PLUS Gold standard, it can reach an impressive efficiency of up to 90 percent at half load, meaning that it will also run cooler than less efficient power supplies, since less heat is generated as a byproduct of its operation.

The EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G1 Power Supply is also completely modular. This means that when you unpack and install it, you need use only those cables that are required by the specific hardware installed on the PC. This frees up precious space and is especially useful for smaller builds where every square inch of it counts.

There are ample cables that come with the G1, so there’s no need to worry about having to buy additional ones. Unlike non-modular power supplies where unused cables can make a mess and can’t be removed, the extras which aren’t in use can be stored elsewhere.

When converting alternating to direct current, ripples may occur which cause small variations in the power supply’s output and need to be evened out. The G1 is fantastic at handling this particular problem, at 3.3 volts, its ripple suppression is incredible.  At 5 volts however, the results are about average at best. As far as general stability goes, the results at both 12 and 5 volts are consistent with what a well-performing power supply should offer.


  • Efficient at providing continuous power for the vast majority of today’s PCs
  • Modular design gives you more flexibility with cable management, allowing for optimum use of space even inside small ATX-compatible cases
  • Covered by a generous 10-year warranty that shows EVGA has a lot of faith in its product
  • Comes with a number of advanced safety features, put into place to protect the power supply and the rest of the PC from damage caused by voltage issues, power surges and overheating
  • Comes with an in-depth manual that will help even first-time PC builders set everything up in no time


  • Ripple suppression at 5 volts could have been better
  • Fan is active all the time and can get quite noisy when spun up to a high RPM


It’s safe to say that EVGA’s already impressive audience will grow even larger due to products like the G1. The 650W category of power supplies is certainly competitive, as both enthusiasts and ordinary users recognize the need to have a capable power source which won’t fail when it needs to power a serious machine, and which will run smoothly and quietly in PCS that will never take advantage of its full potential. Even so, the SuperNOVA 650 G1 manages to establish itself as an attractive option due to its many outstanding features.

People who are looking for a power supply whose output won’t fluctuate, which will allow for better air flow and cooling inside the case because of its modularity, and who are conscious of the need for superb energy efficiency won’t go wrong with the G1.

On top of that, EVGA’s 10-year warranty means that the supply is a decent money-saver since you can power your next two to three PCs and still have their excellent customer support to fall back on if anything did go wrong. Considering its price is already very reasonable, the G1 is a smart choice, and a deal not to be passed up on.

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