How to Convert 110V To 220V Power Supply

How to Convert 110V To 220V Power Supply

Most of the standard electrical appliances you use at home, ranging from handheld electronics to large sized appliances, need an110V outlet to power them. However, there may be a few devices that you plug in and they need a 220V outlet to be powered. What do you do in such a scenario? It also happens when you travel to a different country and they have a different electricity voltage. So, how to convert 110Vto 220V power supply?

Thankfully, modern technology has an answer for this and you can convert 110V to 220V using a voltage converter. It enables you to step up the power supply to meet the specific requirements of your electrical device. With a voltage converter by your side, you can easily switch the power supply from 110V to 220V.

Before we get into how to convert 110V to 220V power supply, let’s briefly discuss what a voltage converter is and how it can help.

A voltage converter is often referred to as a voltage transformer or power converter. This is an electric power conversion unit that helps to change the electrical output of a specific power source. Their main uses are to change the voltage from 110V up to 220V or from 220Vdown to 110V.

When you do use a voltage converter? How to Convert 110V To 220V Power Supply

When an appliance or electronic device is designed for a specific type of voltage that is not currently available, you can rely on voltage converters. These devices are used for shifting the power up or down as per the requirement.

These types of devices are often used by people who travel overseas frequently and take electronic appliances with them. So, if you live in England and travel to the USA then you will need a voltage converter to power your blender or coffee maker as the voltage requirements are different in these countries.

There are basically two types of voltage converters available in the market – step up and step down voltage converters.

Step down voltage converters are the type of devices that are used to regulate the electricity flow in countries that use a higher standard voltage such as 240, 230 or 220 volts. In this case, the convertor is used to tone down the power supply and bring it to 110 volts or so. This enables you to use electronic products and appliances that run on 110 volt power supply without blowing it out.

The step up voltage converter is what we need to shift the power supply upwards from 110 volts to 220 volts. So, this answers our initial question – how to convert 110V to 220V. If you have appliances or electronic devices that need a higher power supply to run, then voltage convertors come in hand. Most step up converters available in the market work both ways. They help in reducing as well as increasing the power supply.

So if you are travelling from a country that uses 110 volts to one that uses 220 volts, you will need a step up convertor to supply the required power to your devices. Similarly if you purchase an electronic product in a 220 volt country and plan to use it in a 110 volt country, you will need a step down convertor.

What size of voltage convertor do you need?

Now that you know which type of voltage convertor you need to convert 110V to 220V power supply, next you need to determine the size of a voltage converter. The size is directly dependent on the type of devices that you want to power and the number of Watts they use. We recommend that you use a voltage converter or transformer that has Wattage two to three times more than the regular electrical appliances.

Some of the electrical appliances such as televisions, power tools and laser printers need a convertor that is two to three times the Watts they are rated for because they require a high flow of power as they are switched on. So, it is better that you stay on the safer side by keeping a few extra wattages handy to ensure that your electrical appliances function well and the voltage converter doesn’t get a lot of load.

When buying a voltage converter to step up or step down the power supply, please bear in mind that a convertor with a higher watt rating will not damage your appliances, however if get one with a lower watt rating then it might not be enough to supply power to your device.

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