Rosewill Glacier Series Continuous 600W Power Supply Glacier Review

Rosewill Glacier Series Continuous 600W Power Supply Glacier Review

When DIY professionals assemble a new PC, they mostly pay attention to the motherboard, graphics card, and CPU. Although the power supply unit is an important part of the computer and has a significant role in your PC’s overall efficiency and performance, it is often overlooked.

Compromising the PSU quality can greatly hamper the overall performance of your computer, especially if you wish to perform high-end tasks or play advanced games.

When it comes to high quality PSUs available in the market, the Rosewill Glacier Series 600W Power Supply comes across as promising unit. It comes from the house of a premier manufacturer of high-end computer cases, keyboards and power supplies.

The company claims that this gaming PSU is designed for all those who seek a decent performance but don’t want to spend a lot on high-end units.  Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

When you take the Rosewill Glacier Series600W out of the box, you will be impressed by what meets the eye. The external design and solid construction of the PSU gives you enough of a hint of what’s in store. At the back of theGlacier, you can see that the unit has a decent amount of ventilation that helps to keep the operation smooth. There’s a master power switch and a power socket that comes handy to completely shut down the system.

On the other side, there are 24pins and 4+4 hard-wired CPU power cable to add more power to the unit. It also contains fourcable sockets, three 6-pins to enable peripheral connections, and an 8-pin for PCI-e cable

We liked the fan design and we feel it provides a good contrast against the plain black exterior. It also comes with a fan guard to protect the fan from damage. The fan included with the unit is a Poweryear 12V model, and it can run up to 1800RPM.

The interior has a neat and non-cluttered look without a lot of hardware inside it. We like the way the PCB is spaced out without filling up the entire space inside the framework.

Features of Rosewill Glacier Series Continuous 600W Power Supply Glacier

  • Measures 6.2 x 5.9 x 3.2 inches
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • 600W maximum power
  • 80 Plus Bronze Certified
  • Auto AC-input voltage adjustment
  • Single strong 12V rail
  • Two 6+2pin connector
  • Quiet 135mm fan


  • Easy to install and has a neat design
  • Fan is nearly silent, if not completely noiseless
  • It boasts a semi modular design
  • You can use only the cables you need and leave the rest to avoid clutter
  • 80-plus bronzecertification offers you 85% efficiency at a reasonable price
  • You get good value for money
  • The extra-long cables provide full support for gaming chassis
  • Fan’s auto-speed control minimizes the heat exhaust from the power supply
  • Backed by 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • The PSU comes with good over power supply protection


  • The cables are slightly stiff
  • None


We were not expecting a lot out of Rosewill Glacier Series600W because the brand is not very popular in the market, but we received a pleasant surprise. Now, we can say that Rosewill has been underrated as a brand because it produces humble yet powerful PSUs. While the product in review is a budget focused PSU mainly designed for mid-range PCs, the capabilities are really good. The low ripple performance, high efficiency and semi-modular design are a few things that make this PSU a great choice.

In various performance tests, the Rosewill Glacier Series600W fared well. It is capable of pulling 900W of power, which is an amazing achievement for a 600W unit. The fan operation noise is as low as a whispering sound so it’s perfect for those looking for a quiet gaming experience.

The overall build and design is pretty decent, while nothing fancy about it. There are too many cables and the cables might feel a bit stiff or low quality but at this price we are certainly not complaining. The interior is well laid out with proper ventilation which plays a big role in quiet operation. We recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable no-frills PSU without compromising with quality.

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